About Us  
EQFS Certification is a global Certification Body providing Certification on various standards of ISO. For more details about the Standards please go through our Product and Services tab.
EQFS Certification has been working over a decade on Training and Certification and now having served more than 3,000 clients all over the world. Managed by experienced Professionals of various fields, EQFS is becoming one of the popular Training and Certification Company.
In Order to give confidence to all parties, EQFS works on the following principles:
⎯ impartiality,
⎯ competence,
⎯ responsibility,
⎯ openness,
⎯ confidentiality, and
⎯ responsiveness to complaints.
Our Vision 
To provide the common platform to all the participants, for achieving their objectives and compete globally. We view Registration as Partnership. We establish everlasting relationships with our clients. We look at relationship with a client, as an investment of time and excellence, for a return of Quality. We believe, the value of registration is to, enhance the profitability of the clients, serve as a continual improvement tool for their company and meet & exceed their customers requirement.
About ISO Standard 



  • EQFS Certification is looking for Franchise/Partners to open Franchise/Branch Office in all states across India. If you are dynamic and has the zeal to do something new, then come join us and drop a mail at info@eqfscertification.com


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